Friday, March 21, 2008

How It All Began

My mother and my father were high school sweethearts and fell in love.

My fathers family was a well-to-do family and had a family 'name' that was recognizable upon uttering. My mother's family on the other hand, was a simple family and had roots in farming and country life.

When my father was just 19 years old, he proposed to my mother and asked her parents for her hand in marriage. My grandparents liked him from the beginning and gave their blessing readily.

His parents however, were against the idea. I actually didn't know all of this particular information until just about ten years ago, when my Aunt (my father's sister) let me know. Up until then... it had been one of those dirty family secrets.

My mother apparently, wasn't good enough for their son. Oh no. They needed someone more cultured, more wealthy, less likely to speak her mind.

So.. my parents being the strong willed people they are, decided that the only way they'd get everyone's blessing was if my mother wound up pregnant. My father was in the Marine Corps and this was during the Vietnam War- he, a high school graduate of 1966 and my mother, an up and coming graduate of 1968. Social upheaval ruled the day and they did what they felt was the right thing to do for the time.

In April of 1968, they were married and two months after that, my mother graduated high school. My mother was 3 months pregnant with yours truly. I was born in October that same year.

Enter the life of me. The child that was wanted...

...but not really.


Pappy McSlappy said...

Almost verbatim story of my life. Except my father wasn't in the war... interesting how things happen

The_Mrs said...

Thanks for stopping by. :) I just imagine this sort of thing happened a lot.. people just didn't talk about it? I don't know. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

Robert said...

secrets lay within that wall deep within your soul...look hard and you will find them...all who walk upon this earth...carry this quiet burden

The_Mrs said...

Hello my friend, Robert. It's good to see you here. I just hope I can be respectful and yet accomplish what I set out to do. No doubt it will be painful but I feel at this juncture it's something I must do. Thanks my friend, for coming to visit.