Friday, May 2, 2008

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - Written By: Untreatable

PTSD is basically the nightmare that refuses to go away. A single event or a series event is always in the back of your brain waiting to attack. A trigger as small as a smell can send off a mini movie which is capable of tearing your soul apart. Flashbacks with so much power that they send you right back to the moment that the event took place. PTSD is a monster that can appear and take over at any time it please.

Flashbacks are the worst part of PTSD and a lot of people turn to illegal substances to keep these mini movies at bay. The soldiers of the Vietnam war did not come back to this side of the ocean because they enjoyed the high but they were trying to keep Vietnam in Vietnam.

You could be having an absolutely great day then you run into a trigger which suddenly sends you right back to one of the worst moments of your life and there is nothing that you can do to alter the movie that is running through your brain. I am thirty four years old, five foot nine and a shade under two hundred pounds but once a specific flashback hits I am quickly reduced to that of a very small child who is completely powerless over the situation. No warnings or indicators just the same nightmare that refuses to go away.

It is not all based off of physical events as a number of people with PTSD were never hurt at least not physically. An event from my life would be the simple event of going to sleep. I go through my bedtime routine and turn out my light then on days when I am not so fortunate my fathers voice rips through my brain "You are absolutely useless and I should do you a favor and kill you in your sleep" which snaps me wide awake. Needless to say I take a lot of medication at night that basically stops my brain from thinking and to keep the flashbacks at bay.

PTSD is treatable and the key to recovery like most mental illnesses is to catch it as early as possible. Therapy for PTSD is to help the person work through the event or events that the disorder stems from and to recognize and reduce the triggers to hopefully take some of the power back. The number of people with PTSD has exploded just like it always does after every military conflict and unfortunately the suicide rate is going to climb as well for a number of soldiers are going to realize the war has followed them home. Take care.

**This article was contributed by fellow blogger, Untreatable of Untreatable's Blog - Borderline Personality Self Harm Depression.

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Shiv said...

Great informative post and lovely to see the community that is the mental health blogosphere. Do you have any tips for recognising PTSD in yourself or others, and coping techniques?

Tory said...

I have had PTSD for years, but only recently had my first flashback. It was terrifying. It was the sound of a four cylinder car being driven hard that set me off. Suddenly, it was like I was back in my old life, everything so tangible, I felt I could have touched the furniture. It only lasted for about 10 seconds, I guess, but suddenly, the happy life I have now was stripped from me. When it stopped, I burst into tears. I didn't know what had happened to me. Now I live in fear of another episode. Terrifying is all I can say to discribe this experience.
God bless all of us who have this terrible problem, especially our poor soldiers.
Thanks for talking about this, TheMrs.
Love Tory

Samantha said...

That's an interesting post. Here's a website that is useful for those who wish to overcomepost traumatic stress. has plenty of tips and guides which you can use to improve yur condition. Hope this helps ya.

Fran said...

Totally agree with Untreatable, I had one nightmare when I was a kid, it disappeared when I left my "parents", but when I heard about the truth, I had flashbacks, I woke up crying, it was one year ago.
Thanks for your definition.

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