Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thank you

I just wanted to drop a quick post in here to those of you who have shown me so much support.

Without others' understanding and compassion, I couldn't and wouldn't continue on with this journey. While I understand to some these things may seem not so bad (by some comparisons) and to others, they may seem way over the top, I do appreciate all that read here and perhaps leave with a sense of understanding of other human beings.

It is my father's 60th birthday today and while he's now what many would consider "old" to me, he's still very young. Maybe that's because there is only 19.5 years between us or that in my mind, my father will always be young... I don't know. I just know that none of us are guaranteed any specific time on this earth and my goal is to make peace with myself and with him.

I want to thank you all for continuing to bear with me on this journey of mine... most of it has already taken place. Such as the few stories I've divulged already. However, there are things about me today that I don't believe would be a certain way, if not for the things I've experienced throughout my life and that includes my childhood.

The journey has just begun but to truly move forward, I must heal this part of my past.


Mushy said...

I'll be 62 next month...that's not old at all. Just got back from beer and wings with my thirty something son and a B&L who is about 10 years younger, and I run circles around them.

Just wondered about your feelings for your dad today after knowing something of the hurt feelings he caused.

Please read my post about reconciling with my dad sometime when you drop by:

Anonymous said...

I hope there is some kind of reconcilliation with your Father..I never got to that point although we both tried..good luck

Robin Lee Sardini said...

You are a brave, sweet, strong woman!
The healing is happening because you already have the desire AND the awareness.
Thank you for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

My father and I did not get along. We never had a reconciliation, this past Thanksgiving he died and it did not mean anything to me. I don't think about him it is nice to see my mom without the tension of him, yes it is sad but I don't miss him and I pray most of all that there is nothing about me like him. Sad but the way it is.